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Refurbished Sales 

Buy with confidence! Medical Imaging Specialists professional staff meticulously selects equipment that we find meet our higher standards. The system is thoroughly inspected and tested. The system is then put through a rigorous refurbishment process before being installed in your facility.  

We strive to provide the industry with only the best in refurbished medical imaging equipment. 

MIS offers a variety of flexible extended warranty packages to fit your budget and needs. Rest assured that you will recieve a quality service from the best in the industry, for a fraction of the Manufactures. 

We love our customers. After all, you are the ones that make everything possible. 

Our commitment to our customers is what sets us apart from the competition. Always extending that extra helping hand in order to make sure that you, the customer, is always happy with our services. 


When buying a refurbished system from Medical Imaging Specialists, consider that the system has been meticulously hand picked by industry professionals and has been completely restored to a "like new" finish. 

With multiple warranty packages better than the manufacturers, buy with confidence! Medical Imaging Specialists stands behind any system which is sold by us around the world! To learn more about our refurbishing process, click on the link below! 

Our customers!
Benefits to Buying a Refurbished System
Setting the standard 
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