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Our Refurbishing Process 


Refurbished system:

Each system is fully inspected and leaves our facility fully functional and operational. The electrical & mechanical components are inspected and cleaned thoroughly. If necessary, system covers are painted and wearable parts are replaced. If the system X-ray Tube is above a mean tube count, it is removed and reconditioned in order to extend life span.


Our four-steps of Refurbishing:  


  1. Selection of System:
  • We carefully and meticulously select our systems using a rigorous inspection process considering past services, system usage, tube count, condition of overall parts, and condition of system when inspected.


  1. Electrical-Mechanical:
  • We thoroughly check all electrical and mechanical parts contained in the system and replace any parts if necessary. The electrical & mechanical parts are tested and inspected exhaustively. All mechanical gears are re-greased for smooth quiet function. Power supply are rebuild with new capacitors/components to ensure like-new functionality


  1. Cosmetic:
  • The system is sanitized & cleaned, any system blemishes are then repaired before the system is painted for a “like new” finish.

  1. Staging and Testing:
  • The equipment is staged and tested to ensure full functionality of all components. This step is the final test to make sure that the equipment performs to it optimal capacity.


Applications Training:

With most purchases of a refurbished system we include three (3) days of comprehensive applications training. This training includes use of systems, adding and using protocols, daily prep, daily tube warm-ups, and familiarity with the overall system. If any extra days are deemed necessary, they are available for an additional cost.   



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